[Download] Test the Transformice app for Android

Transformice already did and still does a lot of success on PC, doesn't it? And why not expand this to mobile devices? And that is what administrators are thinking: recently (not so much) they released a initial app for Android smartphones that everyone can test.

Warning: the app is pretty primitive and is not so well worked, it is pretty heavy and with several bugs.


After downloading it, you only need to open the app – there's no need install Flash Player. It has some limitations, as:

  • You can't be the Shaman (I managed to by going to a random room and by using the numbers on the virtual keyboard to spawn the items) .
  • You can't use the basic functions such as view your friendlist and probably your tribe menu.
  • At least in my tests the game controls do not respond properly.

Tigrounette probably will launch an update in a few months. We can expect, for example, specific rooms for mobile devices and maps without Shaman.

Click here to download

Remember: The app stills in beta version. We will make a new post when the final version is released.

What did you think about the app? Do you think that will make success in future? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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