[Transformice] Adventure #4 - The hug event 2016!


The admins decided the theme for the new adventure: the hug day! This date is celebrated on January 21, so this adventure will be the hug week! Read this post to know how to unlock the event titles, cartouches and badges!


Guide - how to play the event

When the event map starts, run to the center of the map, to the big rainbow, you have to hug someone from the oposite team. Each team spawns in a corner of the map.

Remember! Use the hug emote in order to collect rainbows to unlock the prizes!


Title Objective
380 «Free hugs» Colect ?


Badge Objective
Colect ?


Cartouche how to unlock
Colect ?


The event map appears in normal rooms, vanilla, racing and survivor each 30 minutes.


Consumable Effect
Rainbow – Collect rainbows on the event map
Colors – launchs a rainbow

New items


Fur badges

Badge Objective
Buy the unicorn fur for 360 fraises or 7000 cheeses. (10% discount)
Attention: the event items will be avaliable in this week! If you do not buy them in this event, you will not be able to buy them until next year!

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