Cosplay contest 2015 results!

After much suspense, the cosplay contest winners were announced !

Contest winners

As they had many participations, the contest had 5 winners, rather than 3. Two people received the first place prize, two won the second and one, the third.

1st place: PkmnPrincess and Xenguy

The two won «Miss Transformice» title, a drawing signed by Melibellule in watercolor, a shaman plushie, a Transformice's shirt, brooches and a cheese code for Transformice!

2nd place: Rullexxx e Plussh

They won the «Foxy» title , a Transformice shirt, a mouse plushie and a cheese code for Transformice.

3rd place: Szaloonagabi

She won the «Foxy» title, a cannon plushie, a Transformice shirt and brooches.

Milk box award

The administrators decided to give a special award in this contest: everyone who dressed as "milk box" received the exclusive «Milky» title, a mouse plushie, a cheese code and brooches.


In all, were 191 participants of all ages and countries! Check out the photo album in Transformice's facebook:

Remember that all participants received the "Dauphine" title.

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