[Transformice] Version 1.262 - new fur, badge and more!

Today, transformice has updated to version 1.262, and some new features were introduced to the game, including the new cow fur!

New fur and badge

The new cow fur is on sale for a week. It can be purchased for 360 fraises, and after sale, for 400 fraises. By buying the fur, you will receive a badge! In addition, was added the new badge to the fur thats celebrates St. Patrick's day.

Badge Objective
coew-fur Buy the cow fur for 360 fraises (10% discount).
st-patrick-day-badge Buy the St. Patrick's day fur by 200 fraises (50% discount).

New items

Were added four new items. Three of them are items for head and one is for the neck.

/lsmap updated

The /lsmap command, which shows all your maps, has been improved: now, it shows the maps in a window and it really shows all the maps.

Others updates

 the game had other minor updates, including:
  • The color selection palette in map editor has been fixed.
  • The event had its difficulty slightly reduced.
Thanks to Dyllanblack for the /lsmap tip !

What you thought about the cow fur? Will you buy it?

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