[Transformice] Pilot event 2016 – Adventure 3

Third week of the year and a new event arrives: Hot air baloons! Show your piloting talents to the world in the annual hot air balloon competition! Fly to other side of the pond and you will get a ribbon as reward!


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Video tutorial of the event (with english subtitles)


Guide – How to unlock everything from the event

When the event map arrives, use the baloon to go to the other side of the map.
  • Mice can pump the balloon by pressing ← and → quickly. The bar must be half filled in order to let the baloon fly (be careful: If there's too much air pumped in the balloon, it will explode, throwing all the mice from it all over the map.)
  • If you are the pilot: Your mouse will be above everyone else and you can control the baloon with the arrows (←, → , ↑, ↓). You can fly when there’s enough air on the baloon.
Colect as many (medals) as possible to win more rewards.  The medal is on the other side of the pondA insígnia fica do outro lado da lagoa! (Só dá pra pegar um  por mapa)
Observation: Avoid crashing into other balloons or it will explode. There are some brachs to make WJ, making the map a little easier to complete even if the baloon explodes.


Title Achievement
379 «Pilot» Colect 5

Titles from previous events

339 « All Aboard! » Colect 40


Badge Achievement
Colect 25

Shaman orbs

Orb Achievement
Colect 15


The event map shows up on regular rooms, vanilla, racing and survivor between 20 and 40 minutes.

Consumables (Inventory)

Consumable What is it/What it does
Medal – Collect at the other side of the map. (On the Island)
Balloon – Launches a non-collidable balloon with a random badge from your profile. (Win randomly by collecting )
Black Fur – Você usa o pelo preto temporariamente. (Win randomly by collecting )
Cheese – Receive a cheese. (Win 5 ou 10 randomly by collecting )
Fraise – Receive one fraise. (earn ONE by collecting 10 )

New itens (shop)

 ATENTION: the event items will only be available for one week! If you don’t buy them in this event, they will be locked until next year. They are all under the “Collector” section in the shop.
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