[Transformice] Children's Day Event 2015!

As we saw the Children's Day teaser (portuguese only), it woudn't take long to arrive at Transformice. The event was made in Lua (Module) by Ediz & Shamousey and you can earn some cool titles in it.

If you're wondering, the easter event is still happening!


Video tutorial (portuguese only!)

Event tutorial

The event is pretty simples and there's only one map. The map appears in every normal and vanilla rooms from 40 to 60 minutes. You can earn 2 titles, check it out what you have to do:

mapa evento dia das crianças 2015 2 md
  1. On the event map, go to the teacher's room, enter the box and press space. You can see where it is in the image above.
  2. There will be some instructions on the chat, but all you have to do is follow the black dotted trails and press space when it comes to an end.
  3. After you delivered an item you should go back to the box to get another one.
  4. Repeat the process until you finish.
  5. You can win two titles by dellivering the decorations. Use the list below to know how to win them..
evento dia das crianças 2015 itens coletadosObservation: You can play on an event map more than one time to get the titles. The decorations are cumultive, doens't matter if you change rooms or log off. You can see how many items you have collected at the bottom right of the screen.


323 «Childish Mouse»Colect 20 items on the event map.
360«Model Estudant»Colect 50 items on the event map.

Attention:: You don't have to collect all of them on the same round.


The map appears on normal and vanilla rooms the same way that happens in all other events. All you have to do is wait!
(click on the image to enlarge)


Did you like the event? What do you think about this new event model (made by players with LUA)? Comment below!

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