[Transformice] Version 1.235 - Easter event 2015!

evento pascoa
And finally, the Easter event arrived in Transformice! After a few months without a new event, let's celebrate it with a complete guide teaching how to get all titles and badges!


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The new easter event was announced by Zou on the oficial forum. However, almost no information was disclosed about it.

Guide - How to unlock everything from the event

The main objective of this event os gathering easter eggs on the map and bringing them back to the hole. You should survive (as a mouse) or kill (as a shaman) on both event maps. See this summary below:
  1. On any map, colect easter eggs and enter the hole to get collectables.
  2. On both event maps, kill all mice if you're the Shaman.
  3. On both event maps, survive at any costs if you're a simple mouse.
  4. The more you kill and survive, more titles and badges you'll unlock! Keep reading to discover how to unlock every title and badge.
Be careful! If you jump from a high place or if an item falls on you, you'll die. Be aware and run to survive. As a shaman, you should kill everyone, but you can only use 4 items.


355«Angry Mouse»As a shaman, kill all the mice on an event map.
356«Caramel Duchess»As a normal mouse, survive 20 times on an event map.
357«King's Pastry Chef»As a normal mouse, survive 1 time on an event map.
358«Cake Face»As a normal mouse, survive 50 times on an event map.
359«Candy Lord»As a normal mouse, survive 30 times on an event map.
254«Chocovore»Unfortunately, this title is not available this year.
255«Chocobunny»Unfortunately, this title is not available this year.
295«Chicken»As a normal mouse, survive 25 times on an event map.
320«Cock-a-doodle-doo»As a normal mouse, survive 15 times on an event map.
321«Cocoa»As a normal mouse, survive 3 times on an event map.
322«Egg hunter»As a normal mouse, survive 5 times on an event map.

Event badges

x_46As a normal mouse, survive 10 times on an event map.
x_47As a normal mouse, survive 40 times on an event map.


Chocolate Wonderland
evento pascoa mapa1

Lollipop Wonderland
evento pascoa mapa2

Collectables (inventory)

CollectableName/How it works
18Bunny – Transforms you into a bunny for 20 minutes!
19Milk Carton – Transforms you into a milk carton for 20 minutes!
20Chicken – Throws a chicken.

New items (shop)

evento pascoa itens
Attention:  These items above are only the new ones from the Easter event 2015.
The old Easter items are also available for sale at the shop in case you haven't bought them in early events.

Fur badges

x_45Buy the Easter fur for 7000 cheese or 360 fraises (10% descount).

Other News

  • The login screen has been updated with an easter background
  • You can throw candies by pressing E!
  • You can add the code aie="" in the main XML in order to enable the death from a high position or touching items with high speed.

Version 1.236 – 04/04/2015

  • To win collectables you must enter the hole.
  • The event map doesn't appears on rooms with 40+ mice.
What did you think of the event? Have you already unlocked everything? Comment below!

Credits for some information: Magicalorb and Azunn.

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