[Transformice] Version 1.259 - Back to School Event

This time an unprecedented event! The expected back to school event arrived in Transformice. See all related in this post!


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  • Guide - How to unlock everything on event
  • Titles
  • Event badges
  • Maps
  • Consumables (inventory)
  • New items (store)
  • Fur badges
  • More news

The new back to school event has been announced by Zou on official forums. According to the announcement, the mice skills in each discipline will be tested in this new event. You must do the tests, get grades and then trade them in the principal's office for titles or badges.

Guide - How to unlock everything on event

To get the consumables, badges and titles, it will be necessary pass the test, as in school! If the correct answers are given, you will get A + and if you miss something, you will get F-. You can trade these consumables (grades) for titles or badges!

  • On race track: Press the arrow keys from one side to the other very fast and watch out for divert cannons. If you complete in less than 20 seconds, you win an A.
    • Tip: jump before the first cannon shoot to pass.
  • On geography classroom: Click on the country that matches with the flag displayed. You can see the correct location on the image above.
    • Attention: you don't need to be right on every flag, just on the most of them.
  • On the "ordinary" classroom: Press in the correct order the arrows that appear on the board. If you make a mistake, you will have to restart the sequence.

Guide under construction. Refresh the post to see the updates.


366«Dunce»Trade with the principal 50 grades F-   to get the title on Headmaster's Office.
367«First in the class»Trade with the principal 10 grades A to get the title on Headmaster's Office.
368«Bookmouse»Trade with the principal 30 grades A  to get the title on Headmaster's Office.
369«Academician»Trade with the principal 250 grades A+  to get the title on Headmaster's Office.

Event Badges

medalha1.3Trade with the principal 50 grades A to get the badge on Headmaster’s Office map.
medalha2.3Trade with the principal 100 grades F-  to get the badge on Headmaster’s Office map.
medalha3.3Trade with the principal 75 grades A to get the badge on Headmaster’s Office map.


The maps show up on regular rooms and vanillas in a random time, between the minute 40 and 60.

Click on the images to zoom.
Race trackmapa-corrida
Headmaster’s Officemapa-headmaster

Consumables (Inventory)

ConsumableWhat is it/What it does
consumivel-aviaoPaper plane – Throw a paper plane
consumivel-bolinhaPaper ball – Throw a paper ball

New items (store)

The first items aren't new, but because they are connected to the event and in promotion, we put them in the image.

Fur Badges

medalha-peloBuy the raccon fur for 150 fraises or 6.000 cheeses.
Buy the back to school fur for 450 fraises or 8.000 cheeses.

More news

  • The login screen now has a thematic background of Back to School!
  • Improvements in selfies. Now they can be taken with a lot of mice.
  • Version 1.260 (Bug correction)
  • Some vanilla maps were changed. See below:

What did you think about the event? Leave us your opinion on the comments section!

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